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Fangs for the memories

Barnabas Collins
21 September
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6-ft bunny rabbits, adrian fahrienheit tepes, alan moore, alfred hitchcock, andy richter, andy warhol, ash, barbara, basket case, bats, battle royale, bauhaus, bela lugosi, black francis, brittany's belly, bub, bunnicula, cain & abel, captain kronos, carnival of souls, castles, castlevania, chainsaws, christopher lee, churches, conan o' brien, conan the barbarian, conan's desk, count orlok, crosses, dante alighieri, dario argento, david brent, dead can dance, deadite army, decemberists, delirium, dellamorte dellamore, deserted malls, despair, destiny, destruction, dr jonathan crane, dr wily, dr. logan, dream, early sunsets, edward gorey, escelator zombie, francine parker, frank miller, fulci, gannon, garlic, gates of hell, gaylen ross, george andrew romero, george romero's martin, gerudo valley, ghosts-n-goblins, goblin, goldie, h.p. lovecraft, halloween town, hammer bros. music box, hammer horror, heliocopters, hellsing, herbert west, holy water, ian curtis, inferno, jabba the hutt, jack's broken heart, jeffrey combs, jennifer connelly, john amplas, joy division, judah zachary, jugem's cloud, ken foree, kim deal, kraftwerk, kuribo's shoe, late dawns, link (well excuuuuse me...), lou reed, lucio fulci, ludwig von koopa, mater lachrymarum, mater suspiriorum, mater tenebrarum, max shreck, mayor mccheese, michele soavi, moblins, monroeville pa, moon face koopa, moons, morrissey's chest, murder by death, muse, neil gaiman, new order, newark n.j., paradise lost, peter cushing, peter murphy, peter washington, profondo rosso, puffy vests, quentin collins, quohog r.i., re-animator, richter, roger demarco, scott h. reiniger, simon, sisters of mercy, slytherin, smb3, snake rattle and roll, stakes, stephen andrews, striped ties, surfer rosa, suspiria, sweet revenge, tarantino, the belmont clan, the beyond, the cure, the doubtful guest, the endless, the joker, the long halloween, the nightmare king, the smiths, three mothers trilogy, tim curry, tom savini, transylvanian dance parties, uma thurman, unicorns (the), vampire vanquishing whips, velvet underground, victoria winters, william shatner, world -1, zombi 2